About Weinman Waves
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Welcome to Weinman Waves!


As the old saying goes, "Ocean waves travel in groups of seven, and the seventh wave is the biggest of the bunch."


For me, this is true in life with the good, the bad, and the ugly.


It may slow me down at times, but each set of waves is a learning experience. So come join me and let's ride these waves together!

About Me 

My name is Ceciley Weinman and I am currently a senior at Evergreen State College in Washington. My degree focus is communications and writing. I created this blog for a school project and as an outlet. My school goal for this blog is to work on different writing styles and techniques. I'm doing that through personal essay writing, journalism pieces, documenting, and adventure-type articles. My personal goal with this blog is to make connections with other people. When I was struggling in my life, it took me a long time to realize that I am not alone in what I'm going through. I want to be as open as possible about my struggles in hopes of helping those who are stuck like me. I believe in the power of writing as an outlet to cope, heal, and push forward. 


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